DTES Community Classes

At Eastside Boxing Club, we offer a variety of free classes for the residents of the Downtown Eastside Community. These classes are funded by our community partners and generous donors.

Frontline Fight Club

Who: All Frontline Workers dealing with the opioid crisis are welcome.

What: Frontline Fight Club provides free boxing classes for frontline workers, aimed at bringing together those that are impacted by the effect of the province’s overdose crisis. By working through the stress of their jobs in the boxing gym, frontline workers are able to take better care of themselves and the communities they serve. The mental and emotional benefits of boxing can not be under estimated, in addition, the Frontline Fight Club provides an important sense of community for it’s members. For more information see the Frontline Fight Club on CTV.

Where: Eastside Boxing Club at 238 Keefer Street, Vancouver.

When: Every Friday at 9am.

To sign up: email info@eastsideboxingclub.com + include the following info:

  • Full name
  • Phone number
  • Organization
  • Role


Donate to the Cause

Our Frontline Fight Club is funded by our partners and your donations. Every little bit helps!

For tax receipt inquiries or questions please email: