After School Youth Program:

As of March 2019 has helped over 500 youth from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Eastside Boxing runs a free after school boxing program 5 times a week. Volunteer coaches and other ESB boxer mentors facilitate this program. ESB works with NICCSS case workers to help introduce youth participants to exercise and a variety of life skills through mentorship and relationship building and Good Food for All who provides nutritious snacks and a food pantry for youth who need it.

Program participants report:

  • Reduced aggression
  • Increase energy
  • Increase in weekly physical activity
  • Increase in community connection

Donate to the Cause

Our youth program is 100% funded by your donations. Every little bit helps!

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Peer-Leadership Program

The Peer-Leadership Program at the Eastside Afterschool Program prepares and mentors youth to step into leadership roles – setting them up for success by developing leadership skills, enhancing their knowledge to deliver nutrition workshops, teach food preparation skills, and lead fitness sessions. Youth leaders participate in formal trainings, learning the fundamentals of fitness and nutrition, in addition to essential soft skills.  Youth then take this information and teach it to their peers in the Eastside Afterschool Program and in their broader community.


  • Prepare and mentor youth to step into leadership roles
  • Increase leadership opportunities for youth
  • Deepen youths understanding of fitness, nutrition, and food
  • Provide a unique learning perspective for peers by learning from peer leaders
  • Help youth develop skills most valuable to employers
  • Explore job options in food and fitness industries

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