Project Description

Boxing Coach

Jillian Brooks started her journey into sports at a very young age doing everything from track and field, baseball and kayaking. Wrestling was were she found her grounding, competing provincially and qualifying for the Junior Olympics. Jillian began boxing in 2014 and fell in love right away. She had a big learning curve from her first experience in aprons for gloves in 2016. After her first loss, she put all her energy into the next goals, compete in Beer Wars and then back into Aprons for Gloves in 2017. After winning both events and suffering a bad concussion in her last fight, Jillian stepped back from fighting and now spends her time helping other achieve their goals in boxing. “Boxing has changed my life and I hope I can bring that joy and self achievement to others now.”

Jill is the assistant coach in the women’s only classes and offers private training in boxing.


Women’s Only: Thursdays, 6:30pm


Instagram: @jjb_87
Facebook: JJBG87