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Meego Yassin


Starting in 1985, Meego trained TaeKwonDo and in 1994, he received his 3rd Degree Black Belt from the World TKD Federation, Seoul-Korea. By that time Meego has won over 30 […]

Dima Sumchenko

About Dima

The reality of being a natural born athlete came to me at the age of 7, through ballroom dancing and in result had me winning over 40 gold medals. Towards the end of my […]

Andy Mavros

About Andy

Andy started boxing in 1991 in Ontario at the Grand River Boxing Club.  There he had over 42 fight and was a repeating Provincial Champion and also won the East London Tournament.

He eventually […]

Mehran Baghaie

About Mehran

Coach Mehran has been involved in Sport of Amateur Boxing for over 25 years. He became a certified Coach in 1996; and then subsequently in 2006 he obtained his National Level 3 […]

Jaime Ward-Yassin


Jaime began her boxing training in 2005 under coach Dave Schuck at the Astoria Boxing Club.  In her amateur competitive career she was a repeating BC Champion, North West Champion, Golden […]